From Timfoxxy_236 (Page Creator): I didnt realise that some of the harbours place in the top 10 were not as beautiful as others not in the list.

I have changed the page to "Famous Harbours", maybe that would work better. Or would "Largest Harbours" work?

I welcome opinions and suggestions for this list, as these harbours have been researched through appearance & populatiry. The list would most likely need updating!

By the way, though I do live in Sydney (near it anyway) that is NOT the reason Sydney Harbour is placed at #1. The reason is because the source information has described it as the greatest harbour in the world.

Pearl Harbor is beautiful.

Hamptons Roads is not the best in the USA Edit

Maybe it's big & famous, but not sure about "beautiful". Maybe San Francisco?

Has anyone been to these? Edit

I've been to Hampton, Halifax, and Victoria. I've flown through Sydney so I guess that doesn't count.

Misc Edit

Hey T-Fox, You added Pearl Harobr, NYC, and Brazil??? All beautiful photos. Want any help with the templates? - sandra, -- 01:42, 1 August 2006 (UTC)

can I put in a request for Top OZ beaches?
Hey Sandra, Tim here. Help with the information for the incomplete harbours would be very helpful!
Hmmmm, Top OZ beaches? Very interesting. A good idea! I'm interested. Can you suggest what I should do?
I don't want to be biased towards only New England, when Queensland has some of the best in the world. Start with Gold Coast and surf beaches, or snorkeling? I defer to you since it's your hood.
I put your incompletes on my to-do list...
Or top OZ must-see places (GBR, Ayers, Opera...)? Have you been to the opera at the Opera?
--Dreams2go 15:36, 1 August 2006 (UTC)

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