Thank you for the wonderful lunch, card, & Lucky Red Envelope. It was a special occasion to end a special year. I will miss you, and want to say...[1] [2] [3]

These are the Top 10 Reasons why I will miss Scientific Computing and CFSAN OIT:

Top hat short Arial 10 I will miss the connectedness of CFSAN.

The CFSAN All-hands emails, Wiley auditiorium seminars, Atrium events with good food, employee suggestions, USPS & Metro across the street, and scientists on the network.

Top hat short Arial 9 I'll miss good team work.

Your focus on the mission, and the best parties.

Top hat short Arial 8 I'll run out of ideas.

Hope not.

Top hat short Arial 7 If there is a Pandemic Flu, let me work at FDA.

Hope not.

Top hat short Arial 6 I want to install more BlackBerries.

Hope not.

Top hat short Arial 5 I'll miss smart friends.

Hope I make new ones.

Top hat short Arial 4 I will miss the FDA Centennial.

I'll be in China.

Top hat short Arial 3 Will I miss the 2007 Science Forum?

Will I miss writing posters?

Top hat short Arial 2 I was planning on a trifecta as winner of the Christmas Door Contest!

We can still brainstorm about decorations. (Want to have a wiki for Letters to Santa?)

Top hat short Arial 1 I will miss the model of high professional standards, as shown by Larry & Kathleen.

Thank you for your graciousness, wisdom and knowledge - professional, technical, and personal.

Top hat short Arial 25px no words Honorable Mention: I will miss showing FDA how we can implement wiki for organizational collaboration on IT policy, processes, and SOPs, and GLP/GMP - prophetically phasing out Metis, Team Tracker and standalone IT tools.

But I can come back as a vendor!

Top hat short Arial 25px no words Honorable Mention: I will miss the experience of A-76 and FY 2007/8/9 budget cycles playing themselves out.

But I can come back as a vendor!


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